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Carrot Facial Cream

Designer: Ravenwood Soap

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* Due to the pandemic , there is a shortage in the jars supplies.

We make this cream in a clear glass jar. Its the same formula, only the jar is different. 


Our Organic Carrot Seed Facial Cream is a favorite among our customers.

Formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients, it is gentle for the most sensitive skin. This formula is a natural skin protector and moisturizer and leaves your skin vibrant, clear and healthy looking.

Jojoba oil protects the skin against various environmental conditions . jojoba oil well absorbed by our skin. help to moisturize and soften it. it also offers anti-inflammatory properties as well. once you apply on the skin it penetrates through hair follicles but does not block those follicles.

Carrot seed essential oil enhances skin health and has regenerative properties that repair skin damage and prevent premature appearance of fine lines.

Cocoa butter hydrates and nourishes the skin and improves elasticity. It forms a protective barrier over skin to hold in moisture.

Beeswax hydrates, conditions, soothes, calms and promotes the skin’s regeneration. It diminishes the appearance of the signs of aging.

Apply to your face after cleansing. Focus on the eye area, the sides of the mouth and your neck.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, cocoa butter, virgin olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, essential oil of carrot seed (daucus carrota).

Size: 15ml and 50ml

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