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Established in the Okanagan Valley in 2007,and now operating in Vancouver bc. Ravenwood Soap draws on traditional European methods of infusing oils with organically grown flowers and herbs. Passed on to the company’s founder by her mother, the spirit of nurturing is woven into the company’s philosophy and practice.

After migrating from Europe, where she grew up exploring the forests in her surroundings, Ravenwood Soap’s founder drew inspiration from the warm soils of the Okanagan to grow her own calendula flowers, peppermint, and other herbs, all the while fostering community and a culture of care for others. A single mother, she employed other single mothers who brought their children to the fields to play together while they harvested lavender. Through this, they supported one another while cultivating their children’s own appreciation of nature and traditional harvesting practices. The result is a beautiful line of organic, homegrown, and wild crafted products that embody the nourishing spirit of the earth.

Dalia joined Ravenwood Soap as partner in 2011, and in 2017 became sole owner of the business, running both the shop in the Granville Island Public Market and the online store. Emigrating from Israel in 2005, Dalia brings with her 15 years of experience as an artisan and small business owner. Prior to coming to Canada, she made mixed media decorations for children’s rooms, which she sold in the arts and crafts market in Tel Aviv. Combining her creativity and business savvy with her love of people, Dalia enjoys the challenge of transforming natural ingredients into high quality skin care products for her customers.


Our Products

Ravenwood Soap garden

Ravenwood Soap products are handmade in British Columbia in small batches to ensure the utmost quality and wonderful feel of handmade soap and skin care products. Products are 100% organic, with no petrochemicals, or artificial colours or fragrances. Whole ingredients are used whenever possible to maximize the effectiveness of their natural therapeutic compounds. Ravenwood products are simple, fresh, and effective.

Using luxurious oils such as coconut, olive, and sunflower as the base, dried and ground plant materials, including herbs, flowers, and spices, are then added. Plants such as borage, plantain, and lavender are used for their natural medicinal qualities. Essential oils give the products their finishing touch.

Ravenwood Soap is a celebration of simplicity and the abundance of our mother Earth who nurtures us. Let your bathing experience feel like a walk through a forest, a sunny morning in the garden, a journey to an exotic place.